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Meet Jordan Willis

Jordan has devoted his life to the performing arts, both as a performer and advocate. Currently, at Omaha Performing Arts he is the Human Resources Assistant, but began as the Marketing Assistant. The Arts have always been a part of his life. He started singing at a young age and eventually started learning violin in 5th grade. He began his undergraduate studies working towards a violin performance degree, but realized there were careers in The Arts other than performing. He switched his concentration to the music industry track, but continued to study violin to become a well-rounded musician.

After graduating in 2017, he had an internship with the North State Symphony in Chico, California, that was then turned into a part time position as the Outreach Assistant. He simultaneously served as the Marketing Assistant for Parks and Recreation to gain marketing experience because he had hopes of one day combining his passion for The Arts and his interest in marketing. In 2018, Jordan moved to Omaha, Nebraska, and worked at a marketing firm, but continued searching for jobs in The Arts monthly until he finally got the opportunity to work at Omaha Performing Arts in the summer 2019. He holds a Bachelor of Music in music industry from James Madison University and is working on his master’s degree in violin performance at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Currently,

Jordan is combining his arts administration skills with his performing skills and putting together a recital that will celebrate music and composers from communities that are underrepresented in classical music. He has received multiple grants and has commissioned a new piece of music from a living Black composer. He hopes that this recital can be an annual event at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, and will be speaking at the 2021 Virtual ASTA National Conference to help give music educators the resources and encourage them to make the classical musical landscape a more inclusive and diverse place.

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